Nothing in Isolation

We should never allow our personal wealth to be taken from us, but we must never expect that it is the responsibility of someone else to build our personal wealth for us! 

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Dear Constituent, 

I believe in an Individual’s right to self-determination and to live within a society that supports a free and voluntary market economy. That right, within the law, to do whatever one decides is in the best interest of themselves and that of their family; to accept responsibility and be held accountable for their actions.

To run a country efficiently and effectively, employed systems and services must be self-sustaining and self-purging. By this I mean you taking responsibility for making decisions that affect you and your family on a daily basis. I want you in charge of your own destiny. To enable you to do this, you need as much of the money you earn as possible, in your pocket; you then decide to spend it on what you deem to be necessary. I want less tax from you. On your behalf I will look for access to the global markets for health and other insurances. To improve our health care I will also seek to measure the throughput of our health services. I have watched for years, people who are wealthy receiving benefits and on your behalf, I will have Children’s allowance means tested. For the future, our country requires a strong dependable and independent infrastructure; to accomplish this I will, on your behalf, utilize Public Private Partnerships for all infrastructural needs.

I believe, as I am sure you do, in fairness and everyone playing on an even ground, so again on your behalf I will re-examine all tax breaks and allowances against charitable donations with a view to giving us all a fighting chance of success. There are those who would ignore this attitude and desire for equality and fairness, especially those who don’t or who are incapable of look at any other innovations other than raising taxes and Government borrowings for our development. I will re-examine progressive taxation that recognizes employment and future prosperity. I want honest banking and will place an appropriate member of an Garda Siochana as their compliance officer, for each of the banks operating in Ireland;

We have to take responsibility for the wellbeing of our country.
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